Here are some things that all of us here at the GGS are loving!  Some are clean living staples, some aren’t, but they all are wonderful! As always we are not affiliated with any of the outside links and are not compensated or gifted any thing.  These are 100% things we love and think you will, too!

Gray Malin Wrapping Paper

As  fans of Gray Malin’s work we absolutely love this gift wrap.  His photos are always visually stunning and just make you feel good.  We can’t wait wrap gifts in this super chic wrapping paper that is almost too pretty to rip open, almost.

Shop Gray Malin Gift Wrap


PACT Organic Underwear

To say that we LOVE Pact Organic Cotton underwear is an understatement!  It is comfortable, cozy, breathable and organic.  If you haven’t transitioned to organic underwear yet, you must!  It is not only comfortable, it is also Fair Trade and GOTS Certified Organic. Who wants chemical up against their lady parts all day?  Not us!  PACT also has an amazing selection of organic sock, tanks and apparel.


Shop PACT Organic Undies


The Wellness Project by Phoebe Lapine

 Phoebe Lapine takes a realistic approach to living an overall healthy life.  She goes over the importance of diet, gut healthy, physical well being, how it all fits together to paint the picture of health and how you can take control with out losing your mind.  It is real, relatable and chock full of useful information.

The Wellness Project by Phoebe Lapine