If you’ve been a green beauty enthusiast for any sort of time you’ve probably come across Siam Seas.  Siam Seas is a collection of skin and haircare products inspired by the centuries old self-care traditions of Southeast Asia.  Siam Seas products are full exotic ingredients that are simply intoxicating.
After trying I was immediately hooked and loved their emphasis on the self-care aspect of skincare.  When using Siam Seas I find myself using masking time or taking face cleansing from a simple task to a ritual like time to care for my skin, clear my mind and regain a sense of calm.
Siam Seas was founded by Supadra Gerinmo.  I can tell you from personal experience that she is an incredibly kind person.  Every interaction with her is filled with positivity and kindness.  You always get the sense that she is truly grateful to be interacting with you, which happens so rarely in this fast paced world.  It is her knowledge and passion that has created this unique collection of products. Recently, I had the pleasure of stealing a few minutes of her time to ask her a few questions about these products that we love so much.

Siam Seas Elements Beauty Balm, Mekha Cleansing Balm and Twilight Be Calm Serum

GGS – You have amazing ingredients, many I’ve never heard of before, Thumbergia Laurifolia (Laurel Clock Vine) Herb, Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola),  Pentaclethra Macroloba (Pracaxi) Seed Oil, Hydnocarpus Wightianus (Chaulmoogra) Oil and Artocarpus lacucha (Lakoocha) Extract how do you choose ingredients for your products?

SG – I pick my ingredients according to their properties and the desired results of the end product.  I pick plants and other ingredients that work together synergistically to support and enhance properties in each other, to create a product with impeccable healing characteristics while also being compatible in fatty acid and scent profile.
These wonderful herbs are indigenous to Southeast Asia and through years of trial and error, our ancestors have learned the properties of these plants; they figured out how to harness the medicinal power and incorporate them in people’s daily lives. This valuable knowledge has become a common among Thai People.  I am fortunate enough to have further learned how plant chemistry works through my grandmother and a knowledgeable group of herbalists in Thailand.
Through advanced study, research and experts in the US, I have been learning how to combine the past knowledge with newer more advanced ingredients from the West, which allows me to combine the best of both worlds and make effective skincare products.

GGS – I’m sure it’s like picking a favorite child but which ingredient is your favorite?

SG – It is!! Each ingredient is unique and has its own amazing properties and a special spot in my studio. Though Clinacanthus Nutans. (in Thai it is called “sa late pung pon”) has a very special place in my studio.  It is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory I have come across in plants.

GGS – What is the one product that you can’t live without?

SG – It’s really hard to pick.  Each has its own place in my routine but if I really have to pick – it’s Yen Heal and Hydrate toner.  I have always mixed my own toner or mist.
Yen Heal and Hydrate was my ultimate toner, a hybrid between toning mist and serum that I felt is the best of all I have done.  It really does an amazing job at hydrating and moisturizing all in one. The synergy of all the ingredients encourages healing at cellular level, lightly moisturizes and seals in the moisture leaving a protective film – a glowing finish. It is a quick fix with a long-term effect. It can be applied anywhere and anytime. It is very easy to use yet very powerful.
* Yen Heal and Hydrate Toner has yet to be released, we’ll have it in stock as soon as it is.

GGS – What does your daily skincare routine look like?

SG – I don’t wear makeup most days so my skincare ritual is really simple. It does get fun and complex when I want to play. But at minimum it consists of 4 steps.
  • Clean with Mekha (or maybe with my new yet to be released cleanser).
  • Exfoliate (every other day) with turmeric scrub.
  • Hydrate with Yen heal and hydrate.
  • Moisturize Seas Elements at nighttime (+2 yet to be released morning moisturizers designed to protect). I then apply a potent little treasure called Sai Clearing serum for intensive face treatment (coming out soon) followed by massaging.
  • Once or twice a week I will mix up Mekha with Purifying Herbal Mask and Yen toner. It is such an amazing combo. It provides an astringent effect so you will feel the heat off your skin a bit but it leaves my skin so hydrated and nourished.

GGS – What products would you suggest for the following concerns

SG – Everyone’s skin is so different.

Healing your skin starts from the inside.  The best skincare is only a Band-Aid.   You have to get to the root to make sure you truly heal.

Acne/Blemish Prone

SG – Blemished skin is so iffy and different but general rules I go by are:
  • cleanse every night, with products that are not disruptive to your skin barrier with appropriate PH.
  • Use products that contain more unrefined oil high in Linoleic acid as it will help balance out the Oleic acid in your skin.  
  • Manually exfoliating is also important.  A cleanser with exfoliating acid like papaya enzyme or AHA will also help to exfoliate out the wax like layers of skin that cause pores to clog, and
  • Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! It is what will allow your system to heal from inside out.

Dry Skin

SG –  Protect your skin barrier as much as you can. This means limiting skin contact with water. Use products higher on the Oleic fatty acid to help moisturize and nourish skin and products containing ceramide, cholesterol and sugar molecule that will help heal your skin barrier and leave a protective layer on your skin to prevent moisture loss.


SG – Most sensitive skin comes from a disruptive skin barrier and allergies.  Pay close attention to your skin and your body.  What you use on your skin and what you eat.  Keep a journal for a couple of weeks to help pinpoint the causes of flare-ups. 
Both acne and sensitive skin are such complicated issues. The healing from both the inside and outside need to go hand in hand.  
With that being said, use a cleanser that is PH balanced, limit contact with water (oil cleanse and wipe), and be sure to hydrate.  If you use face oil, you need to be sure to hydrate the skin first. Even if you use moisturizer, it is a good idea to always layer it with toner before moisturizing.  Look to use a moisturizer with ceramide, cholesterol and free fatty acid.  This will help repair the skin barrier.


SG – Well-formulated skincare for aging skin can help your skin age gracefully and properly. As we age, our skin loses its ability to produce and retain collagen (elasticity), hydration and its ability to renew cells.  Look for ingredients that will help stimulate the skin such as CoQ10, Peptides, Vitamin A or the botanical substitute (Moth Bean), Vitamin C (an antioxidant powerhouse), Mangosteen extract, Kiwi, Amla, and Terminalia Chebula.  Use a toning mist throughout the day to boost hydration.


SG – Don’t skip your routine.  Skin can very quickly show signs of years of abuse.  Cleanse every night and hydrate to reset skin balance after.  Moisturize according to your skin’s need.  Massage your skin.  Give your skin a boosting treatment every week.
For all skin types, always, always protect your skin from the sun.  Nothing replaces sunscreen for skin protection.

GGS – Do you have any new products coming out that you’d like to share with us?

SG – I do!  It is such an exciting time!  I have Yen Heal and Hydrate that is coming out this month.  It has been such a long road to get here and I can’t wait to share. I have a surprise for all the pre-orders of Yen Heal and Hydrate that I will reveal in the newsletters and social media.  So don’t forget to get connected, as you don’t want to miss this – with the Yen release comes a surprise and another release.  Also we have two protective daytime skincare products in the works and another treat for those who are dealing with constant acne bumps and marks.
Wow!  As you can tell Supadra knows her skincare and we love that we get to share the products that she crafts with such love.  Now through the end of the month we are offering 20% off all Siam Seas, no code needed!

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