October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month which means we are being inundated with pink ribbons and campaigns to raise awareness and bring attention to this disease.  We hear about organizations that help, when to get mammograms and many ways to treat the disease, but today we are going to focus on what we believe is the most important thing…prevention.

I think we can all say that we know someone, or are someone, who has dealt with breast cancer.  It’s frightening and although family history is something to take into consideration most women diagnosed with breast cancer don’t have a family history of breast cancer.

According to the Susan G. Komen Foundation only 13% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have a first degree relative who has had it.  If it isn’t family history then what is it?

Cancer is often the result of our environment and what our bodies have been exposed to.  Today, we are going to share some easy ways to “green” up your life, which will lessen the toxins that we are exposed to and that are associated to an risk of increased breast cancer and other cancers, too.  There is a lot of evidence that connects breast cancer and other health issues, including reproductive disorders, obesity, respitory issues, early puberty, nervous system issues and many more, to the chemicals found in our food, products and environment.


Plastic is full of chemicals that are terrible for the environment, leech into whatever the plastic is holding and eventually end up in your body.  Remember a few years ago when the dangers associated with BPA were exposed?  Many companies have removed BPA from their “plastic” formulas, which is great, but I am pretty sure that the other chemicals that are still in there will be exposed as toxic eventually.  My advice – DITCH PLASTIC

I promise you this is not as daunting as it seems and I challenge you to replace one plastic item a week with glass or stainless steel.  Carry a glass or stainless steel water bottle and refill it with filtered water from home.  You will most likely be getting a much better quality of water, saving money and looking chic.  Seriously, there are some super cute bottles out there.


The chicest water bottles ever!


Get plastic out of the kitchen.  Plastic plates, cups and food containers don’t need to be the standard.  Even with kids.  I have 3 kids and they use no plastic, not even my 3-year old.  Glass food containers are not only safer but look better and last MUCH longer than cheap plastic.  It really is another easy swap.

I love Vintage and Weck Jars because the lids are glass, too



Plastic wrap?  We’ve got a green solution for that, too. Bye-Bye plastic wrap



Inflammation in your body is the root of most diseases.  Many foods that we eat cause inflammation. Some are known to be unhealthy, others may surprise you.  Among the most inflammatory foods are

Dairy (Cow) – Milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream

Conventional Grain Fed Beef


Fried Food


Cured Meats – Lunch meat, hot dogs, bologna

Refined Flour – Conventional bread, crackers, pasta, cereal, bagels

Artificial Sweeteners

The more of the above foods you eat the more internal inflammation you will have.  The more internal inflammation the more likely you are to have health issues.

The more fresh organic fruits and veggies, lean, pasture raised meat and good fats, olive oil, avocado oil, you incorporate into you diet the healthier your body will be.

What if fresh isn’t available or your favorite fruit or veggie isn’t in season?  Try frozen and avoid canned.  Canned food can be chocked full of preservatives, the cans are often lined with BPA or other plastics and it doesn’t preserve the nutrients the way that freezing does.

I also suggest integrating Turmeric and other anti-inflammatories into your diet.  Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory super hero and is thought to be the reason why people who live in countries with Turmeric rich diets have a substantially lower incidents of diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

I love a Turmeric Latte but if that’s not your thing you can take it in pill form.  Since Turmeric is fat soluble you’ll want take it after eating a meal and with black pepper, which aids in absorption.

My favorite Turmeric Latte Recipe via



Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

We all know that most conventional cleaning products are toxic, remember the Mr. Yuck stickers anyone?  But we’re led to believe that our homes need to be sanitized in order to be safe and that’s not true.  These products products give off noxious fumes and remain on the surfaces you clean them with, even if you wipe them off your counter a trail of chemicals remains.

Truce AP Cleaner



Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds – The King of Clean Cleaning – You can do so MUCH with this, I use this for my dishes and laundry


Speaking of laundry.  Conventional detergents and fabric softeners are nothing more than chemical concoctions that stay on your clothes and are absorbed by your skin, no thanks.

Wool Dryer Balls are a great alternative to chemical laden dryer sheets


There are some really great safe cleaning options out there and you can even make your own.  Vinegar and water is one of the most effective, and affordable cleaners around.

Clean Beauty

 You knew we’d end up here, but this is what we are passionate about.  Especially, when there are many companies out there pink washing.

Pink washing is when a company launches a breast cancer awareness campaign or covers their products in pink ribbons, yet sells products that contain ingredients linked to breast cancer.  Deplorable, but it is happening.

Every cream, powder, deodorant, spray, everything that you put on your body gets absorbed.

The US has one of the most under regulated cosmetic industries in the world.  This means that products can be filled with dozens of chemicals.  In the US only 11 chemicals are banned from cosmetics in Europe there are 1,328 banned chemicals.  We are talking nasty, endocrine disrupting, chemicals.

We’ve linked our list of ingredients to avoid, too.

Ingredients to Avoid in Cosmetics

Detoxing your beauty bag can, again, seem overwhelming, but it is not!  We suggest either starting with a product that needs to be replaced, time for a new mascara, running low on foundation, or products that cover the largest area of your body, body cream.  Here a a few of our favorites.

Deodorant – Conventional deodorants with aluminum are banned in Europe due to their link to breast cancer.  Here is one of the best deodorants


Our Best Selling Lipstick – Clean, safe and the perfect neutral


Hynt Sun Prep Primer provides light moisture and SPF 30

Hynt Beauty Sun Prep Primer


Full Eyebrows are yours with this favorite


We are living in such an age of information that it is easier than ever to find reliable reviews and info on a product before you use it and if you need help ask!  Bloggers, influencers and shops are usually more than happy to answer your questions and help you make good selections!  We love to answer questions and the person who is helping you has probably been where you are.  Their experience can save you time and money.

We promise if you just pick one of these 4 areas and commit to being greener you will be doing a great service to your body and keeping some of these chemicals associated with breast cancer out of your life.   Start off small and be realistic on your journey, too!

We’d love to hear from you!  Comment below!

This post contains links.  We are not compensated in any way by the manufacters of the linked products that are not carried in our shop nor are we affiliated with them.  They are 100% based on our opinions and personal preferences. We are also not medically trained and suggest speaking with your health care professional before taking any supplements.

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