Is there a certain way to make the switch to green beauty?

Congrats on making a healthy change.  No, there is no “perfect” way, but here are some ways to make the transition easier.

  • Replace items as you need them. Don’t throw everything out and start new.  It is too overwhelming and you’re just setting yourself up for failure.
  • Start by replacing products that are applied over the largest areas of your body or aren’t rinsed off, like body lotion, foundation and body soap.
  • Replace lip products. You end up eating a fair amount of products applied to your lips!

Do green beauty products last as long as non-green products?

Usually! Most green beauty products have a shelf life comparable to non-green beauty products when they are stored properly.

Non-green beauty products, often have water as a main ingredient, which is a bacteria magnet.  They then need chemical preservatives, exactly what you don’t want on your body, to extend the shelf life.

Are green beauty products as effective as non-green beauty products?

Yes! They are usually much more effective.

Effective ingredients, the ingredients that are going to make the biggest difference, are, usually, the main ingredient in green beauty, not water like non-green beauty.

In green products you’re getting a much larger quantity of the active ingredients that you want most.  Unlike non-green beauty, which often contains a scant amount of active ingredients and larger amounts of fillers, water, preservatives, emulsifiers and fragrances.

Plus, many green beauty companies are extremely serious about where their ingredients come from. They source pure, potent ingredients, which make a huge difference in the efficacy of the products.

Why are green beauty products so expensive?

The cost reflects the quality of the ingredients.  Responsibly sourced, pure and effective ingredients cost more.

Since these products are pure and potent you don’t have to use as much, making them last longer.  My jar of Indie Lee Calendula Eye Balm last me about six months, a deal in the long run.

Plus, these aren’t just products for your skin they are an investment in your health. Being sick is much more expensive than living healthy!

Are all products labeled natural or organic safe?

Unfortunately, no!  As the clean beauty movement grows you inevitably have companies that are looking to cash in and trick consumers. Always read the ingredients and make sure that they are free from toxic ingredients, CLICK HERE to check out our list of ingredients to avoid.  Always buy reputable brands from a reputable retailer.

I have allergies and sensitive skin.  Is green beauty safe?

Yes! If you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies, you will probably benefit the most from making the switch. Non-green beauty products are filled with skin irritants and ingredients that usually exasperate allergies and irritations. Most non-green beauty products just minimize the symptoms, not treat the root cause of the problem.

You should always check ingredients, especially if you have allergies.

Are green beauty products subject to the same rigorous standards as non-green beauty products?

The cosmetic and skincare industries are highly under regulated. This is why there are so many products filled with absolutely horrible ingredients out there.

You will find that a lot of green beauty companies, especially the small, independent ones, take your health and the safety of their formulas very serious.

Why is there sometimes a variation in the color, texture or scent of my green beauty products?

Synthetic ingredients, fragrance and other nasty ingredients are what make non-green beauty products consistent in their color, texture and scent. Green beauty products are made with natural ingredients which may vary from batch to batch.