We are face oil junkies and we hear more misinformation and downright wrong info about face oil, especially when it comes to acne.  We wanted to take a few minutes and explain how you can figure out which face oil is best for your skin.  Let’s go with some basic info and break it down! We are also going to go all collegiate on you and cite our sources at the bottom of the post if you’re interested in more info  Because there is a TON of contradictory information out there.


Myth #1 – Using oil on my skin will clog my pores and break outs.

NO! This is a completely false statement!  Oil is an integral part of your skin and is in fact your skins way of moisturizing itself.  Oil doesn’t cause acne, pores clogged with dead skin, dirt, bacteria and cause breakouts.  Plus, face oils are chock full of vitamins and antioxidants that protect, nourish and revitalize skin.


Myth #2 – Face oil will make my skin oily and greasy.

Not true.  The proper, and we emphasize proper, skin oil when applied to damp skin will absorb quickly and leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized.


Myth #3 – I have acne so I can’t use face oil.

Yes, you can, but you need the correct face oil.  Tea tree oil has been shown to be more effective on acne than benzoyl peroxide, not to mention cleaner and more gentle.


Why and How

Here is where we are going to get all technical on you.

Some oils are high in Oleic Acid, which is a fatty acid and can clog pores. Not a problem if you have parched skin but no bueno if you have acne or are acne prone.

Other oils are high in Linoleic Acid which is lacking in acne prone skin, and this deficiency is thought to be a contributing factor to acne.  If you have oily skin using an oil that is high in Linoleic Acid will actually balance the natural oils in you skin and help to clear skin while keeping it moisturized.


Oils High in Linoleic Acid (Good for acne prone skin)

 Black Cumin Seed Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

Grapeseed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil

Rosehip Seed Oil

Safflower Oil

Sunflower Oil

Here are a few of our favorite skin oils that are safe for acne prone skin

Agent Nateur Holi(oil)


Siam Seas Twilight Be Calm Serum

Indie Lee Squalene Face Oil


Oils High in Oleic Acid (NOT good for acne prone skin)

Coconut Oil – Sorry everyone.  I LOVE coconut oil for my hair, body, oil pulling, eye makeup remover and cooking but I would never apply it all over my face.

Olive Oil

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sesame Oil

Shea Butter

Sweet Almond



Oils that are a balance of Linoleic and Oleic Acid (Great for normal skin)

Flaxseed Oil

Jojoba Oil

Tamanu Oil


So, yes you can use face oil and believe me once find the right one you’ll never go back!  What’s your favorite face oil?  We’d love to hear.




Oils Specifically For Acne Prone Skin

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